Sunday, March 29, 2009

Date NIght - Finally!!!

Topher and I hardly ever get to go out all by ourselves. I know, you all feel so sorry for us! Ha Ha! When we do get to go out, it is never ending phone calls and texts from our children. Even when Auntie Laura is tending them.

Our big "Date Night" always consists of going into "TOWN" for dinner and a movie. "TOWN" being Evanston, Wyoming - Whoot - Woo! There is not much to choose from in a town so exciting as Evanston. Do we hit JB's or the Flying J Buffet, McDonald's or Arby's? Soooo many choices. For "date Night' we chose a new restaurant called 'Spencer's', which in is a location that has been a bunch of different restaurants in the past few years. It was pretty good. A gourmet burger for me, a giant, tender steak for Topher. Our table was themed "Cheyenne" and had a lovely barrage of old photos and postcards modge podged onto the table, as well as a lot of fun facts:
While paying for dinner, a leather drink coaster fell out of Topher's wallet. I listened to him as he explained the magical superpowers of his coaster. Apparently, his boss gave it to him, and no one else in the office has one. When he tells people to do something, he flashes his "badge" and says, "Do you have one of these? No, I don't think so." I think he might have a little badge flashing left in him from when he was a cop.
With a half hour to kill before our movie started, we did a little driving around "TOWN". We made a quick pass at a co-workers of Topher's house. He is the proud owner of a Smart Car, of which Topher is very jealous (we saw a lot of them in Germany, we probably could have checked one as luggage on the plane). If you don't have a garage to put your Smart Car in, just use some tarps and a bungee cord! What a great idea!!
Next, we hit Murdoch's Ranch Supply. Topher won a gift card at the Pig Sale earlier in the day. It was burning a hole in his pocket. Unfortunately it was not enough to pay for his safe.
Apparently he does not want it just for his 3 guns, "It's not just a gun safe, Shelly, it's a valuables safe as well." So I guess he can lock up his 3 guns and his 'valuables', whatever they might be???
He is going to be saving his gift card, and his pennies for this bad boy:
Yes, it is a man-powered lawn mower. We have one already, that is about 45 years old. YES, we do mow our lawn with it. People have even stopped at our house when seeing us mow to ask for a turn!
Then on to the movie at Valley 4 Cinema! The only movie theater in town, since the fire that destroyed The Strand (which only had one movie at a time). It's movie recording states "We only close for blizzard conditions", and it has the best burnt popcorn in town.
I made Topher go see a scary movie. Oh, how I love scary movies. This was a little over the top. I do not recommend it to anyone, except my sister. The Last House on the Left - a little bloody, a little death, a little vivid & way to graphic. But I would totally do the same thing the parents did if someone tortured my daughter.
I kept harassing Topher during the movie. He would just say, "Really good movie you picked" and "I am not going to talk to you if you are going to go blog about this!".
And so went our date! Until next time ...... whenever that might be?

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