Friday, March 20, 2009

Mr. Construction

Our neighbors are adding on to their house. The day after they tore their roof off, it snowed 8" here in Randolph.

Christopher went over to help last Saturday. They put up 4 walls! He is such a good little worker bee. He is now wanting to rip off our roof and add on and up! I want a new kitchen first!

Here is the view of our house from theirs. The two big pine trees above the tan garage are ours. We were trying to convince them that they did not need any more windows looking over to our house. No spying on the crazy Stapel's allowed :) Not that they could really see us with the giant garage in the way.

Here is Ryann watching their little girl build. She is so dang cute. She gathered all sorts of blocks and nails and started making her wall. Ryann was happy to stand on the edge of the house and throw stuff off!

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