Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School is IN!

Yeah for SCHOOL! I know I am not the only mother out there who is super duper EXCITED that school has begun! It's ok, admit it!
Here are the CRAZY STAPEL kids on their first day back:
But first, my disclaimer: Yes, Kendall is on the ground posing on our weathering sidewalk. Yes, the younger ones picked out their own outfits, did their own hair and I let them! (As everyday is an adventure around here, I have found it best not to fight over what matches and what is just plain hideous! The latter usually makes it out the door on Ryann!)
Rylie - officially a Sophomore! Driver's Ed third trimester - YIKES!
Dylann - 8th Grade. This is her last year in middle school :(
Kendall - 5th Grade. Her last year in elementary!
Ryann - 2nd Grade! Holy Moley! Don't you just love the leg-pop!
And our Cousin Tater! Payton - 2nd Grade. Isn't she darling!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I haven't updated in a while. More like a year. Rylie's now a freshman in highschool and has a worse attidude then last year. She still loves books and doesn't complain about my cooking anymore. Dylann is in seventh grade and is pretty much the same. She just recently turned thirteen I don't think I'm ready for another teenager. Rylie will stay inside and will ask to do anything, but Dylann doesn't. Kendall is in fourth grade and is still crazy about school. She's been playing basketball and soccer and loves it. Ryann is still my little monkey. I think Rylie is influencing her actions more and more. I have to think that or I might be worried she is going to be more of a problem than Rylie. I'll try to keep updating, but no promises.