Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date 2009

Topher took his girls to the
Achievement Days Valentine's Daddy Daughter Date.

The dad's tied ribbons in the girl's hair & painted their nails. Topher is a pro at the nail painting. He is "Mr. Mani-Pedi" around the house. His nails are always painted lovely shades of pink, green and blue. He has begun to limit the painting to his toenails only, due to the lack of fingernail polish remover we have on hand when he gives in
and lets the girls do his fingers.

The girls tied a tie on their dad. A skill I have yet to learn. Good thing I did not have boys.


Tracy Cornia said...

How cute!!! I am over our achievement days in our ward and we had our daddy daughter date last week too. It sounds like we did a lot of the same things. We had the girls paint their dads nails and the dads tie a tie on their daughters too. That is so funny they were so close to the same. Our girls had a blast doing it.

Anelisa said...

Cute pics of the girls with their daddy! I remember Daddy Daughter Dates with my dad. Some of my best memories of him now!