Thursday, February 18, 2010

I can't stop looking at Johnny Depp!

I listen to the radio on my computer at work, "AOL Fresh Hits". Every so often a new song comes on from the new Disney movie Alice In Wonderland with Johnny Depp. When a song comes on, a picture of him as the Mad Hatter shows up:

It is a little creepy, I admit. But I still love it. Ever since I was young and 21 Jump Street was on TV, I have loved Johnny Depp. I wished he would come do some undercover police work at my school :)Then there was The Headless Horseman. He was so cute:

Edward Scissorhands (I made my kids watch this and forced them to love Johnny!):

OK, now Willy Wonka was a little weird:

I think this makes up for that crazy just a little, don't you?
I love they way he gets into his characters. From Benny in Benny & June, to Victor Van Dort in the Corpse Bride. I even liked him in Sweeny Todd.
He is so cute! (I know, I am weird :))

How long have you missed me?

I didn't realize I had not blogged about my crazy life since the girls started school back in August! I am sure everyone who follows my awesome blog sat by their computer, just waiting for my bits of wisdom. JUST KIDDING!

So, soon, my friends, I will begin again!