Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you ever "Google" your own name?

You know you do. I like to 'Google' my name, friend's names, stranger's names, my kid's names just to see what pops up. I never realized there are so many people out there with my name.

Last night, I 'Googled' Topher's name again. Sometimes he is an 'Openly Gay History Teacher'. Last night he was "Decertified for theft from the Highway Patrol". That one is always out there. And it really ticks me off.

A lot of you know he worked for the Utah Highway Patrol for 12 years. He was totally dedicated to his job. Never abused his power. Never raised hell for other cops. Never let anything said about him get to him. He did his job, enforcing the laws of Utah. Never, ever did he do anything inappropriate or against the law. (Well, he did get a speeding ticket off-duty!)

There were many, many reasons he chose to leave the job he had always loved and wanted to do. And I could list them all right here, right now. However, I am trying to be a good girl and not speak ill of anyone out there.

In a small community, where everyone knows everyone, and what they are doing wrong, I hear about him being fired all the time. So, for the record, and pass this along if you need something to talk about, Christopher R. Stapel was NOT FIRED from The Utah Highway Patrol. He was NOT asked to resign. He was NOT threatened with loosing his job. HE DID NOT STEAL anything like the newspaper reported.

In fact, the first we had heard of his 'Decertification' was when it was published in the Salt Lake Tribune. That same day he received a letter from the Utah Highway Patrol saying he was 'Decertified' and could hire an attorney and try to appeal.

He was never charged with anything. He does not have a criminal record. He is a member of society in good standing. It makes me MAD every time I get told, "So and so told me your husband got fired", or when someone says something to my kids.

Christopher chose not to appeal based on the fact a lawyer would cost way too much money. He was in contact with the Commissioner of Public Safety, who knew Christopher and helped him work through this.

And for the man out there, some lawyer, who asked the question, "Can we trust our cops?" Yes! You can. They are only human, and make mistakes too. But before you go on assuming everything you hear is true, ask the person you are telling tales about!


Tracy Cornia said...

You go Shelly!!! I agree with you. And yes I google my name too. I have been surprised what you can find. I find more with my maiden name then my married name. It's kind of fun. Sorry Christopher is still getting the heat. He is a good guy.

Anelisa said...

So sorry that you have to find that when you Google. Its funny what you do find when you google your name though. Most of mine has to do with town stuff and family history boards I've visited requesting information.

Jasmine said...

I grew up in a small town and know too well that lies spread faster than the truth....but your friends will always be loyal to you, and you can count on something else happening that will take the attention off of you. That's too sad that your husband had to go through that, but I wouldn't have wasted money on a lawyer either.