Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Attention all:

We are moving! Christopher has decided to take a position in Minot, North Dakota ( as an Operations Manager for his company. It has been in the works for several months now, and is finally official.

We have picked out a house:
Another older home, luckily it does not need as much work as our others have. Which is good because my dad would have to drive 15 hours to help us remodel!

The girls are not too excited! Rylie just cries and cries. Dylann is sad because she loves her friends here, but she is so excited to meet new people. She has always loved the idea of having a pen pal, she always thought they would be from a foreign country, not Randolph. Kendall is happy to go anywhere. She is excited to get a new room, hopefully one she will not have to share with Ryann. Ryann is just along for the ride.

We have not let anyone in on our secret move until now. Sorry we have kept everyone in the dark. It has been so hard to keep the secret from my mom and sister. The girls were sworn to secrecy and have done a bang up job keeping it!

Christopher will head out mid-May to set up camp. I will stay behind and finish the school year with the girls. We cannot decide if we should sell our house in Randolph or keep it for a vacation house. We might need to winter in Randolph!

We will keep you all posted on our goings on


Ronda said...

I can't believe that you really decided to do it! I'm so totally coming on vacation to see you!!! Is it warm enough there to get a tan? How sad about the courthouse tho... I will miss you.

Anelisa said...

Okay, this dang well better be an April fools joke!!!!

Charlene said...

Wow. Nice way to let your parents know you are planning on moving miles away. Are you planning on taking our grandchildren? There might be a problem if you are. No more coming up just to see a baby roll over and driving back home. What about the testicle festival - will you come back for this tradition?