Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Read any good books lately?

Rylie is a readin' fool. She reads non-stop. Her homework is always pushed to the last minute, because she has to read. She reads on the bus, reads in the car. Tries to sneak a book in to church to read during Sacrament Meeting. She reads in the tub. Never has free hands, always a book!

Rylie read The Giver by Lois Lowry several months ago, and is now reading it in school with her class. She begged me to read it too. I finally did, and what a good book. If you search it on the web, some people have very strong opinions of it's "message". But after reading a blog by the author http://www.loislowry.com, she really had no "message" other then to have the reader enjoy a story, love - or dislike - the characters, and want to read on.
Now I am reading Gathering Blue. Rylie is yelling at me to hurry and finish so we may 'discuss' my view on the book. She always asks, "Are you to the part where _____________ happens?" "Hurry mom!"
The next book in the 'series' is The Messenger. Where the first two books are tied together. Rylie is anxious for me to read it soon!
Lois Lowry even writes children's books. I bought Goonie Bird Green a few years ago for Christmas, not realizing it was by the same author. Cute book.

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Anelisa said...

Go Rylie!!! Nothing better than reading. I love it myself. I remember when I was younger I always had a book with me cause I never knew when my dad was going to stop and talk hours on end to someone.