Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happiness is UTAH!!!

Can you believe it? A pole of the happiest states shows Utah as #1.

I have been doing a little research project at work for a lady in Tennessee who wanted info on Randolph. Who settled it, where it's name came from, etc. And it has been really interesting. When we first moved up here, I bought a book from the Rich County Clerk's office that gave the run down on Rich County. It still sits on my bookshelf, unread by me!

Truly, I never even knew Randolph existed until I moved up here. I knew about Bear Lake & Garden City, but nothing about Laketown, Randolph & Woodruff. it is funny now telling people where we live. They assume it is by Vernal, because there is a Randlett over there. Some know where we are because we are often the coldest place in the lower 48 states in the winter. And even some know Randolph because of "GATORS DRIVE-IN".

Randolph was founded by James Alexander Cameron in 1870, who was sent by Randolph H. Stewert - the LDS Bishop in St. Charles, ID. If you are interested, here is some of the stuff I found:

I also found a fun little diddy on how different cities in Utah got their names. There are 422 cities/towns in Utah, not all of them are listed.

Start at the paragraph, "Explorers Etienne Provost, Jim Bridger, Jedediah S. Smith ......"

If you go to:

you can see pictures of our little town. My house is even on there, well the tree in front of my house. But I am not telling you where, just in case . . . . . . .

Pretty interesting stuff :)

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Jasmine said...

I thought I had you on my "following" list, but when I meandered back over and found that I had missed 3 or 4 blogs, I figured my assumption was wrong. I liked the story about how the towns were named--although I got through the E's and then just skipped around. Interesting stuff!