Monday, March 23, 2009

First Grade Kite Day!

Friday, March 20th, was First Grade Kite Flying Day. I don't really think it had that title, but that is what Kendall kept calling it.
It was a drama-mama moment just getting there. I had to run to Evanston and back before I headed over. I stopped to grab the camera from the house and returned to the car to find this:
Yes, she dressed herself. She calls this her 'Patrick Day Outfit". The butterfly top was thrown on for Spring. I have no idea about this kid. She is BIZARRE! She stood on the floor in the middle row of the car and peed! So we cleaned up with a little 'Pet Oxygen'! She thought it was nice we were cleaning up her mess with a bottle that had her angel kitty pictured on it. It's a blurr, so you cannot really see him :)

We had fun flying kites. Kendall was a little frustrated because her kite would not fly. She just had to have me buy the giant airplane kite at Costco. Luckily I picked up a couple $1.00 kites at Wal-Mart. They were perfect.
The football field was a mess of kids and kites running into each other and tangling strings. I overheard boys saying they got their kites to fly next to airplanes. There were no airplanes in the sky - why do boys exaggerate everything? And do they really learn so young?
The girls got bored with the kites. They complained because it was "SOOOOO HOT OUTSIDE!" (It was 65 degrees.)
Kendall wanted to come home and put the sprinkler under the trampoline :)

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aleesha said...

Okay, not 3 weeks ago, Dally stood over the center console in my car and peed in it. What in the heck! I was so mad but I controlled my temper (for the most part).