Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Animals

My cousins - Teresa, April and Lacey - made the journey to visit us over the weekend. Teresa and April brought their kids to see the baby animals.

We started off at the "Wind Jammer Pig Farm" in Woodruff. Thanks to Kalon for letting us invade! Our first view of the piglets was two "sleeping" on the dirt outside the pig shed. The little kids came up with the idea that they were "sleeping". The older kids just said, "No, their dead!"

Next, we went over to Kent & Judy Stuart's for a little lamb chasing. They have so many baby lambs, the kids had a blast chasing them around the field.

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Nicole said...

Oh what a fun day you gave those kids! I still haven't made it over to see the pigs I need to do that my kids would love it.

I just wanted to make sure you saw that I am having an open crop at the rec at Mtn. Fuel on Saturday from 10-3... its going to just be fun, bring up some projects and come visit with us!! Let me know if you think you will make it. :) I am going to bring stuff to make those Xmas Countdown calendars if you want I will help you put one together. It would be $18 instead of $30 or $35.