Friday, February 27, 2009

Kendall is Sick!

Poor Kendall, she is sick! She has asthma, and really does very well up where we live.

Whenever we go down to Salt Lake and hit the smog, she cannot breathe. Up here, it only happens when the weather is changing. And since we have gone from freezing, to melting, to snowing, she is having a hard time breathing. This week has been no sleep because of coughing, no school because of no sleep, and two very tired parents.

Three nights ago, she climbed under the covers with me to watch a movie. She made me promise that after she fell asleep, her dad would not take her upstairs to her room. Well, he did. And 2 hours later, we had a coughing Kendall in our bed!

Two nights ago, she climbed under the covers with Ryann and I to watch 'Space Chimps'. At the end of the movie, as her dad was herding the others off to their beds, she hid under the covers and begged, "Don't let him take me. Please don't make me go upstairs." So she slept under all the covers at my feet. Until the coughing became too much and she kicked her dad out of bed!

Last night, Christopher just embraced the fact that Kendall would be sleeping with us. So he cuddled with her in the covers while watching TV. As long as he was holding her, she slept like a baby.

It only lasted until 2 in the morning. Then I found him on the couch and she kept coughing!
Now I am at home taking care of my babe. She was ever so hungry - and all she wanted was a 'burned tuna sandwich that you cook in that thing'. Which is really canned chicken with a little miracle whip on bread cooked in the sandwich maker. So now she has her favorite sandwich and all is well in the world.


Jasmine said...

Poor thing. Is she on any medication for her asthma?

Ronda said...

Oh how sad, I hope she is better now! I don't know where I went wrong, but I didn't check your blog for a few days and wa-la... There are a bunch! But I haven't seen HSM3 yet either... :( I'm so sad about it. I think i'm going to make Jade buy it for me! :) I miss you and I'm at work today. I'll see you soon!