Wednesday, April 1, 2009

May I have your Attention - Again!

I am the meanest daughter in the world. I have given my dad a heart attack and he yelled at me! Our conversation went like this:

D - "Do you have something you want to tell me?"

S - "No, should I?"

D - "What is on your blog?"

S - "I don't know, what?"

D - "You think you are moving and you did not tell me?"

S - "Sorry, we were not sure about it yet."

D - "Well, I hope Christopher likes to hunt. Because I will be up for the white tail and the pheasants."

S - "OK."

D - "Are you really moving?"

S - "Dad, what day is it?"

D - "Wednesday."

S - "Dad, what is the date?"

D - "You little ****!"

I thought all morning of a good April Fool's Day Joke. I thought about the pregnancy scare, but most everyone already knows I cannot have any more!

A few weeks ago I started joking with my kids that we were going to move away. I looked up job openings in Christopher's company and found one in Minot, North Dakota. So I sat on the computer and looked for a house. I would call the girls over to have them give their approval.

Rylie would cry and cry, then say, "I'll move there if I can have that room!", "But I'm NOT moving!"

So, sad to say, we are NOT moving to Minot, North Dakota. We are staying out in our little hillbilly heaven!


Anelisa said...

I knew it had to be an April Fool's joke! I mean why would anyone in their right mind move out of Randolph. Good one though Shelly!!!!

Tracy Cornia said...

Loved it!!! I wish I could think of stuff like this. I actually forgot it was even April Fools Day. That's how good I am.

The Handleys said...

I just love the way your mind works.That was great i forgot it was April fools to.

aleesha said...

You got Judy soooo good. I had to remind her of the date before she started crying. For my joke, I called up all of the neighbors looking for an unused pregnancy test that I could take to my other pregnant neighbor to "positive" it for me. Do you think I could find one?!? Doesn't anybody ever worry that they're pregnant or anything. Earl probably would have divorced me though. April fools-Gotta love it!