Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silly & Fun

Here are just a few random silly pics from our world:

Someone out a
pretty pink bra on the "Wear your Helmet" sign on the corner by our house. It has caused such excitement here. Ryann drags us all to the porch to see the bra. It arrived a day a go, and she is surprised every time she sees it still there. I can tell you that the bra did not come from our house full of girls. I am a boring lady and only wear white! Rylie is more of a sports bra type of girl. Dylann, Kendall and Ryann are still too young. Christopher, to my knowledge, prefers black, so it is not his :) Kendall stepped on a needle the other morning. It was stuck in her bone. She kept telling me she could fell her bone "BEEPING" and she knew she was going to die. I had to hold her down and Aunt Laura pulled out the plyers to get the needle out of her foot. Tragic! The picture is of the needle; the battery is for size comparison. It was burried half way in her foot. OUCH! Then we have Ryann! Yes, she dresses herself. She takes great care in picking just the right outfit for the day. And because she puts so much effort into the picking, she feels the need to wear said outfit for at least 3 days in a row. The best part is the pair of leopard tights she simply adores. They were a Christmas gift from Great Grandma Salt.

Finally, we have Dylann. This is how she spends most of her time around me:

I know she thinks I am crazy!


Anelisa said...

Hahahaha....that bra just cracks me up.
Wow....poor Kendall! I can't believe she had that in her foot. I would have totally freaked right out if it were me.

Whitey Tighties said...

Shelly I forget how funny you are. The bra thing is quite exciting, you have to make some sort of hummor out of the cold weather. It is good to hear how you are doing.