Friday, January 23, 2009

Why can't we have school on Friday????

Friday is fun day here in Rich County. No, really it is travel 2 to 10 hours to play sports day for our High School kids. So the kids only have to go to school Monday throughThursday.

SO - if I have to go in to work on Friday, Rylie is left to babysit. Yep, she is only 11 1/2, but I work 1 block from my house all you people who want to call DCFS on me. j/k. (I might could use the break!)

I came home for lunch, fed them, made them clean up a little. We clean so the next round of messes do not look so big when I get home at 5:00. Smart mom!

So tonight I get home to this:

This is a "FORT" . Chairs and blankets piled up in front of the fireplace for an evening of warding off the wild animals here in Randolph. They can't clean it up, because it is where they are sleeping tonight. Yea for adventures.

After the explanation on the fort, I went in to make dinner. Cashew Chicken and Rice. Rylie walked in, saw the "stuff" in the pan, and informed me that she was having soup. What a kid. She eats more soup than anything else. I guess when the soup is gone, she will have to eat what I fix her!

Some nights when I put dinner on the table, she asks if I am "trying to kill her"??? She told me once she was going to call the cops and tell them I was starving her to death. I told her that the Sheriff's (cause we have a Sheriff in our town) conversation with me might go like this:

Sheriff: "Do you have food in the house?"
Shelly: "Yep."
Sheriff: "Do you make meals?"
Shelly: "Yes. At least once a day."
Sheriff: "Is it nutritious and delicious?"
Shelly: "Totally! Duhhh!"
Sheriff: "Sorry Rylie. Learn to not be so damn picky!"
So I went to visit with a friend of mine and decided to spice up my hair a little.


Anelisa said...

Hahaha....I think Kade and Rylie need to move in together. Kade won't eat most of the stuff I fix either. I wish I could go as a mouse in his pocket on his mission with him. He might just learn to eat more than cheese sandwiches for every meal.

Ronda said...

Gotta tell ya, I feel for Rylie... :) Ha, you are hilarious and i'm excited to see your hair you crazy nut!

Erin said...

The fort is great!! My kids love to make them, it drives me nuts, but they have fun with them so I let them do it. They think it is fun to sleep under them. Your meal sounds great maybe just save what you were going to give Rylie and send it my way.
Love the hair.