Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I love a good owl here and there. We have giant pine trees on each side of our house that are homes to an owl in each. During 'Owl Mating Season' the trees get a little animated. The branches rustle and you can hear some pretty strange noises. Rylie is afraid to sleep with her window open in the summer for fear a giant owl will fly in to her room and "HOOT" all over her.
Our trees are pretty dense, so we have never been able to get a good picture of our neighbors. So lucky for me, I get to walk underneath a giant owl every time I head in to my office. We all try to avoid the section of sidewalk splattered in owl poop and dead animal carcasses.
One night when my dad was driving up to our house, he hit a ginormous owl. The wingspan was as wide as my dad's Ford F259 grill. It just swooped out of the fog and - SPLAT! Big ol' hole in the grill. The owl waddled off into the night.
Isn't living in the wilderness awesome.

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