Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is almost twelve the new 66*?

Rylie was so cute at 3:

And now:

She is still cute. BUT. . .
I am not so excited for this tween thing. Rylie is pressing her luck every day with me. I find every day is a challenge. I am sure more for her than me. I never though I would have kids that yelled, "I hate you!", "You are ruining my life!", "I am never going to school. I will never graduate. I will have a crappy job. And never move out!' All this at the age of 11 & 1/2!

When she yells at me I wait for her head to spin around and pea soup to spit out of her mouth!

My mom just laughs! Thanks Mom!
If anyone has advice - let me have it! Rylie is #1, only 3 tween girls to go after her!!

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