Thursday, January 29, 2009

Silly Topher

I have a silly Topher.
"What is a Topher", you ask? Well he is my man. Many people are scared of him. I hear all the time that people are afraid to call our house to talk to him 'cause he is scary. My kids' friends are scared of him, until they get use to him. He is just ever so serious with his manly-man mustache. Whatever!
Last Sunday he was in High Priest Group the teacher gave the men each a pen and and a little yellow notepad to take notes. Instead of notes, my Topher did this:

It says: "I will not speak out of turn" over and over again!


And because you read this blog, here is a treat for you. A really good recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies my wonderful neighbor gave me. Flora makes the best cookies. I try all the time to get her just to make me some. So the other day she surprised me at work with a plates full of cookies, and the recipe so I could make them myself. Not quite the same!!!

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Anelisa said...

People are really scared of him huh? I guess when I think of your hubby I just remember all the young women talking about him doing something called Big Buddha at Girls Camp and how funny it was. They laughed their heads off when they talked about him so I figure how mean can he really be right?