Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January at the Zoo!

So maybe it is not so fun to head out to the zoo in January. It is a tad bit chilly, even for those of us use to freezing temperatures. We had to go see Ryann's Sloth. (Now I know it is not really hers to keep. Duhh! But she is in love with Hoffman's Sloth (His real name). So we have to visit when we can.) He is usually sleeping his exhausting life away in his sling, but this time, he was AWAKE!! ( Which meant hours (really 1/2 an hour) standing at his window hoping for a smile.)

Mr. Sloth, which is pronounced by Ryann: Mr. Sloss, was chomping on his basket of veggies and scratching himself with great intent. Who knew all that moss growing on him would itch??
Ryann laughed and laughed. And danced around at his window. She was so excited to see him eating. Then we had to watch the 5 inch journey he took back to his sling to nap that took 25 minutes.
Here are some pics of 'Mr. Sloss' living it up at the zoo.

Ryann thought the Zoo was too loud. She spent much of her time covering her ears. She is not NORMAL!

And here are a few other animals ( and a freaky lizard) we had to take pictures of:

One strange man kept seeing us take pictures and commented that my girls might be a new zoo exhibit. If only he knew just how true that could be. "Some see the Wild Hillbilly Children who hate to brush their hair. Hate to wear shoes. Hate to wear normal looking clothes. Love to hang out in the woods."

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The DeGracie's said...

Shelly! I love love love the gift for Pierson - that must have taken forever! My mom gave it to me yesterday and I was so excited! This poor baby being the thrid didn't get anything new really! Thank you so much for thinking of me! You are awesome!