Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is all my fault!

I know that title sounds a little like, "What is she talking about?", but it is true.

After a little Face Booking and reading up on friends and such, I realize that everything might just be my fault.

I have children who:
1. Will not wear ponytails because their hair might blow off in the wind. My fault. I hate the wind in my hair.
2. Must have their shoe laces totally even when tied. The loops cannot be too big, and the "dangles" cannot touch the ground or one be longer than the other. My fault.
3. Rylie cannot eat with anything but plastic utensils, and not the throwaway kind. The kind you still have to wash. My fault. I hate metal.
4. They hate socks because they suffocate the toes. Yep, my crazy has rubbed off!
5. They have to put their backpacks in the same place every night. No one can go off to bed until they are put in their place. It is OK to leave toys all over the house, just not the backpacks. My fault. My purse is always in the same place.
6. When showering, there is a washing order: Hair, body, face, feet. What can I say?
7. They love to do things in birth order. Not me, I swear.
8. Dylann has to constantly be touching me. I guess I did not nurse her long enough or something. Whatever!
9. They cannot go upstairs alone. They would rather stand and freeze, then run upstairs alone to get dressed after the bath. I did not cause this!
10. Even though they are in the house all day long, at night it gets all sorts of scary. Monsters are around every corner and under every bed once the sun goes down. So what if I tell them scary stories? It's my job! It is their fault the believe me!
11. They can see a scary show on t.v. and be fine that night. But 3 days later it replays in their mind and they know someone is going to get them. I like scary things. But I have my Topher to save me from the creatures of the night.
12. Rylie has do do things in color order. Long Live 'ROY G BIV'. That was the worst thing I could have learned in school. Don't tell a girl with OCD that there is a color order in the light spectrum. Come on! So now I have Rylie convinced everything has to be in order!
14. Thirteen is unlucky. Especially because Rylie was born on Friday the 13th. And we for sure will not watch that movie. As long as scary movies don't have anything to do with '13', I'm in.
15. Kendall must sleep with her sisters. She has her own room, which she insisted we paint Pirate themed, and now it is too scary to sleep in. The only thing 'Pirate Scary' really is 4 wall decals of Will, Captain Jack Sparrow, Bootstrap Bill & Davy Jones. She wont take them down, so we have to peel their heads down at night. All I had on my wall was Micheal Jackson, and I should have been scared, but I wasn't.
16. They all think the donkey down the street is trying to eat them in the night. I agree with this one. He sounds possessed.
17. If we leave a window open, for sure a bird or a bat will fly in and peck our eyes out. But we will lay out on the trampoline all night in the summer to watch bats. So we have had a few in the house and fly around like they wanted our hair and eyes for dinner. SO WHAT! It is just a bird girls!!
18. They all have blankies and stuffed animals they must sleep with. I had the same blanket and pillow for years that I could not sleep without. Then I started to get all freaked out about dust mites in my pillow and after washing it, I put the pillow in the dryer, it exploded! But that's another story. I still have one blanket that is only mine and I cannot sleep without. It usually travels with me too. But this one is Topher's fault too. He loves his silky :) So lets say that # 18 is all his fault.
19. They all chew on plastic. Not one of my girls can resist a hot-glue stick, pen, etc. This is totally my fault. My mom would yell at me for chewing up all her hot glue gun sticks.
20. They have to touch things. It's almost like that show MONK. If they pass a fence, every rail has to be touched. Totally my fault. I cannot not touch things. I have to kick the ice off peoples cars. (I almost broke my foot doing that.) I have to touch parking meters, what ever is there to touch. Yep, crazy!

I will stop at 20, for any of you who even cared to read this post. But I could go on, and on, and on, and on . . .

Their behaviors are all my fault, BUT MINE ARE MY MOTHER'S FAULT!!!!!


Ronda said...

OH my gosh! Hilarious Shelly! And you were offended that I mentioned on my blog that you were a tad bit crazy... If they didn't know before then you just gave it away! :) hahaha, kidding! Love ya!

Amanda and Kalon Downing said...

Shelly it has been so fun getting to know you through pre-school. YOur little ryann is a Doll and I just love her hair. Your family and blog is darling. I hope you don't mind me looking at it. I got it of of Tracy's.

Anelisa said...

Isn't it amazing (and sometimes even a little bit scarey) when you look at your children and see so much of yourself in them? This was a fun entry to read and learn about the quirks of the Stapel family :) Thanks for sharing.

The DeGracie's said...

This post is the funniest thing I have ever read. I do believe that your girls are YOU! Too funny! Today was a good day for me to read this! Thank you!

Jasmine said...

maybe Tyson was are a little nuts (says the queen of OCD). I love your blogs and just barely got caught up to this point. You're too funny!!