Monday, May 25, 2009


The school year has ended! Who knows were the time went.

Kendall was a ROCK STAR in First Grade. She did so well! Her teacher, Mrs. Cornia, calls her a "Firecracker-Multitasker"! She loved her teacher, loved her classmates and loves that summer IS HERE!!!
Dylann came out of her shell a little more this year. 4th grade was good for her. (I cannot believe she will be in 5th next year!) At the End of the Year Talent Show, she sang a solo! Yes, my super shy, super stubborn child sang a song all by herself in front of the entire school and their parents! WOW! I am so proud of her. When she told me that she wanted to sing, a solo, in front of people - real live people!- she told me: "I know, I have been watching the crowd for years and I think I can do it!" I told her that the people will be watching her, looking at her, maybe even staring at her. She said she could do it, and she DID!!!!! Yea!!!Rylie was an awesome 6th grader! She only missed 2 days of school, only missed the bus once and had straight A's each trimester! She won a $35 gift card for having the most AR (reading) points in the 6th grade!

So, now it is on to summer! I love to hear the words.....
"Mom, I'm bored! What can we do now?"

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Erin said...

Dylann did such a good job on her solo! I could have never done that.
Your girls are so cute.

Good luck with the summer!!!!