Monday, May 4, 2009

Gum is not a Necklace!

Ryann was chewing gum. Then she thought - "I want a necklace!"
So, in her 3 1/2 year old brain, she thought - "Hey, I can stretch out my gum and make a necklace!"
Around the neck it goes! And the end result is your chin stuck to your neck by a wad of gum that refuses to loosen it's grip on your skin!

Ryann refused to let me clean her mess up! My solution -

Me - "Ryann, do you want a peanut butter sandwich?"
Ryann - "Yep!"
Me - "Ryann, wouldn't it be fun if we put a little bit of peanut butter from your sandwich on your neck? I will do it too!"
Ryann - "OK!"
Me - "Oh, look! The peanut butter is helping your chin go back to the right position!"
Me - "Yea! Don't make necklaces out of gum ever again!"
Ryann - "I like necklaces!"

She ended up with a section of her skin missing for a few days!


The Handleys said...

That is great! Brooke did that once it took forever to come off.

Tracy Cornia said...

Oh my goodness Ryann, That looks so sore!!! I do have to say... That is a very creative way to make your own Jewelry.