Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guess what Ryann just did....

Moms often sit together and say, "Well, listen to what my kid did last night." or "My child said the funniest thing!" I am totally that way about my kids. Every mom, and dad, has funny little stories of the craziness that is a child.

As each of my 4 girls have made it to 4 years old, I have thought each of them as "Monsters"! Silly little creatures who say the funniest things. Rylie was so cute. My first child, and first experience with the wildness of a toddler. She was wild, rarely napped and was always in to things. Dylann, a little more shy. VERY STUBBORN! She spent most of her toddler years in a swimsuit; always under her clothes, or as her outfit of the day! Rosie little cheeks and a belly laugh to make any grown man sound girly! Kendall, my little rock star from birth, has always been her own creature. She was always naked! She left the house with clothes on - never made it back into the house with clothes on! If a stray naked toddler was seen roaming the town, everyone knew to whom she belonged! She was my most wild until Ryann came along! She was also the one who went missing the most. I called 911 more than once to find my child out frolicking in the fields with her giant dog Kodiak. And now there is Ryann.....

This child, who has almost made it to 4, is totally nuts! I have no idea where it all comes from! (I am sure, a true reflection of her parents and older sisters!) She is the funniest child I know. She says the weirdest things. The silliest things. I love to hear her view of the world. Her silly little lisp as she chatters away telling me about Aliens in the clouds, tattling on her sisters, or telling me how much she loves her Papa.

Maybe it is all so special to me because she is my baby. My last experience with a toddler as a mother. I would love to be able to freeze her for a while at this age - minus the screeching at the top of her lungs and her squeally, LOUD fits of rage as she has to leave Papa in the parking lot to go home with her mommy!

I love to watch her play, so excited to find a gross bug, or BUFFALO bones in the hills (really they are old cow bones which we must drag home and put in the flower beds). I get a little misty eyed as I think of how this will not last forever. I talk big about how excited I am for her to start Kindergarten - in fall of 2010- and am so happy it is ALL DAY kindergarten. But really, I am sad about that. Sad to miss out on all the crazy chatter of my baby.

The other night while watching t.v., Ryann and I saw a baby being born. She said, "Mom, I want one of those in your tummy." I told her that "Mommy cannot have any more babies, sorry." She looked up at me and said, "I'll get put back in there so I can be borned again." A nice offer.

Last night, she curled up with me to go to bed. All snuggled up in my arms she said, "Mom, I have a secret. It's a big secret. I can't tell you." I just said, "Oh!" to which she replied, "Mom, I peed outside. I peed in the dirt!" Peeing outside is really nothing new. She is a free pee-er. I just love that it was her silly little secret that she couldn't keep.

With Ryann, her dad I hear a lot of "Guess what Ryann just did?" or "Look at what Ryann is doing!" If it is quiet - find her fast! She loves her sisters make-up - she was plastered in it from head to toe last night. She loves to paint her own nails, which always leads to painting the feet, legs, bathroom floor, ect... She is pretty good at haircuts too. The hair still has not grown back!

She is a force of nature!
And I am totally in love with her!

I hope every mom knows how lucky they are to have a toddler!!!!!

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