Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Signs of Spring

The thaw was on:

Kendall is in total heaven when the yard is full of yucky water. Thank heavens for muck boots!

Luckily for us, the water stays away from our house. There are a bunch of other houses around here that are not so lucky.

My first real experience with the Spring thaw was in Woodruff. I came home from Salt Lake to see a land covered in water. There was soooo much water that the neighbor kids had a canoe out in the street.

There was no water standing in our yard, so I thought our house was safe. Until I went into the house and it was freezing! I tried to get the heater to kick on, with no luck. I had to go look in the super spooky basement and found 2 feet of water in the basement. The heater was flooded. Yea!

So my super neighbor Kent Stuart - who is the most awesome man in Rich County - came over to help pump out the water. With the help of Bill Cox. Yea for nice neighbors!

So, for all of you who are flooding - I feel your pain!

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