Monday, February 23, 2009

Should I be worried . . .

Ryann loves High School Musical. We watch 1 & 2 because she loves Troy Bolton. And you know, who doesn't?

I am a terrible mother, and did not take the girls to see HS3, nor have we rented it yet. So when a commercial recently came on TV, Ryann said:

Ryann - "I want to be Troy."

Me - "Why do you want to be Troy?"

Ryann - "Troy and Gabriella dance."

Me - "But if you are Troy, you have to kiss Gabriella."

Ryann - "I do?"

Me - "Troy kisses Gabriella, remember?"

Ryann - "I will be Troy and Tater can be Gabriella."

Me - "Are you going to kiss Tater?"

She smiles and leans in for the smooch - Tater runs away!

It all is explained later.
"I want to be Troy so I can play with Gabriella. Not to kiss her mommy!"

Oh Good!

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The DeGracie's said...

You really should buy HIgh School Musical 3. It's the best of the three. We love it here too. We have the CD's playing in the truck at all times. And I have boys! We are a Gabriella fan.