Monday, November 17, 2008

Anyone need a haircut?

Ryann has turned in to a master of the scissors.

Saturday night I fell asleep around 9:00 pm. Christopher had everything under control with the girls. He had set them up with a DVD in the front room. When he returned to our bedroom to watch the news, Ryann was with her sisters watching "Soccer Mom" on the couch.

Sometime later Ryann had crawled in to bed with me and fallen asleep. Christopher tucked the other girls in to bed, noticing a mess of hair covering Dylann's freshly washed duvet cover.

He comes in to our room, over to turn off my lamp, and laughingly says, "Shelly! Look at Ryann!" I try to pry my eyes open as I see him pulling a chunk of Ryann's hair off of her sleeping head. He is just laughing and laughing.

I wake up enough to see the horror that is now my baby's hair. As if it has not been crazy enough to have a daughter with crazy chick fuzz for hair - I now have this:


Anelisa said...

Hahahaha! I love reading your blogs and hearing about Ryann's latest shenanigan! She just cracks me up. You're gonna know you have raised a kid by the time you are finished with her. Hahahaha

Erin said...

Oh you have got your hands full. That is great...think of all the funny memories your girls are making.

P.S. How much does she charge for haircuts!!

Sherydon said...

Im in desperate need of a trim, can you fit me in?!! Just kidding, but how freakin funny, im dying. I know ive got mine coming so im laughing while i still can!! Oh the memories!!:)

Leslie Baird said...

Shelley!!! I about died when I saw this. She is hilarious and all I can say is there is never a dull moment at the Stapel house!

The Handleys said...

my girls have done that and i cried. sorry i know your pain. it is funny after a couple years.