Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"MOOOOMMMM - Look What Ryann is doing!"

This is a phrase I hear about every 5 minutes at my house. By bedtime, I am so happy Ryann is ready to sleep. Even then she is still on one. There are times I fall asleep and hope she is still next to me as I scope out dreamland.

Last night was especially fun. From the moment I got home from work, Ryan was switched ON! She followed me everywhere. Was right there as I did the dishes, fixed dinner and went to the bathroom. She trailed behind me chatting away, telling me about the dog licking her fingers or that she is tired of wearing pants.

When I show frustration after tripping over her for the millionth time, she hugs my neck and says, "I love you so much mommy!" That is her new trick. If I start to get frustrated with her, she tells me how much she loves me.

So back to last night. Christopher and I were sitting in our room after the dinner clean up watching a bit of news. Then the yell from the front room. "MOOOOOOMMM - Ryann is peeing in the bucket on the couch!" I told Christopher I just could not deal with her. He laughed and told me to just look at it as fun.

I walked into the room hoping it all made it in to the bucket - Yea! Not a drop on the couch. And there sits Ryann so proud of her potty job!

She really is fun. I always thought Rylie was full of it. Dylann was a little more. Kendall - a whole lot. Ryan tops them all. So for those of you who have well mannered 3 year old, who obey and sit still in Church. Good for you! I'll take Ryann and her fuzzy hair any day! (Remind me I said that after the next round of craziness!)


Anelisa said...

Hahahaha Oh I love Ryann :) Hey you should be thankful she did the potty thing indoors ya know. I mean little boys tend to go out and pee off the front steps of your house while cars are driving by.

Erin said...

That is funny, at least she hit the bucket.

Sherydon said...

Oh my heck shelly, that is the funniest story. She definatly keeps you going. These will be fun stories to torment her with when she's dating!! I love the pic of her hair a couple posts down. Too cute!!