Monday, November 10, 2008

In The News!

Randolph made the news again. It seems that we are a fascinating breed up here and the world cannot get enough.

The only time we make the Utah news, or any US news, is when we have a cold winter. But every year at election time we get visitors from far away countries. The latest was a group from the UK. They interviewed the local coffee drinkers at the "Station" about the Presidential race this year. You can read the article here - and see some of our town folk.

Randolph does take some getting use to when you move here from the city. Honestly I was not a fan at first. It was very hard to get out there and to get to know people. Most everyone is related either by blood or by marriage. There are only a few different last names, unless you are a move in. And there are only about 500 people living here.

Now there is really no place I would rather live. Everyone looks out for one another. You never have to worry about the education your kids are getting. Kids are taught the value of hard work at a very young age. Everyone says hello. When there is a crisis, everyone is there to help out. Not to say that there are not problems here. Kids do cause trouble. There are even drugs and underage drinking - OOHHHH MY! But not like you see in large communities.

And we are not all backwoods crazy like some of the reporters make us seem. Well, some of us are! (:


Ronda said...

That is hilarious, all of those cute pics of the cowboy gossips at the Station! How funny! and cute Halloween Pics!!! Fun Fun!!!

Anelisa said...

Oh this cracks me up :) I love Ronda's name for them---cowboy gossips!! Too funny!!!