Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Things Tag

I have been a little busy to blog as of late, with work and keeping an eye on Ryann. And well, the entire family getting the stomach flu. So here is my response to Anelisa's Tag. . .

Seven things I can do: Sew. Embroider. Laundry. Curl my tongue into a taco. Use the Internet to find any bit of useless info you wish. Remember odd movie lines, phone numbers and songs. Make my kids mad.

Seven things I can't do: Keep my house clean. Keep Ryann out of trouble. Play the piano. Read music. Sing. Draw anything non-cartoon looking. Diet.

Seven things that attracted me to Topher: His sense of humor. His kindness. He was a cop - I love a man in uniform. That way he put up with me when we were first dating. His silliness. The way I felt when he held my hand. The way he put me in my place - I was a bit obnoxious.

Seven Things I say often: "Stop it!" "Be good, and if you can't be good be careful" (my Grandpa Russell would say that to me. I thought it meant to use protection! (: "The Holy Ghost goes to ed at midnight!" "S**T!" "Uh-huh!" "Ryann, don't do that!" "Stop hitting your sister!"

Seven people I admire: My Topher, he knows so much about the Gospel and he is the best daddy to his girls. My mom - she went back to school and now has her Masters in Nursing. My mother-in-law - she raised 11 kids for heaven's sake. My Grandma Salt - she takes a licking and keeps on ticking! My boss, Ruth - she is just a super kind lady who always tells me how it is. President Hinckley- what a kind man who was so humble and loving to everyone. Jesus Christ - without him, I am lost.

Seven favorite foods/drinks: Pizza. Mashed potatoes with mustard and corn. Cream-o-Wheat. Cookie Dough - any kind. Carmel Popcorn. Ice cold water.Coke. (Nothing healthy - of course!)

Seven people I tag: Liz, Emily, Leslie, Jennifer, Tami, Mom and Ronda. (I may only know 7 people(: )

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