Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What can I do?

Ryann has been such a good little girl when it comes to going potty in the toilet. Ever since she stayed at her Aunt Liz's house while we were in Germany. Recently, however, it is a crisis!

She loves to go potty outside. The first time we made her tinkle on the side of the road she had a fit! Since most of our travels are in the middle of nowhere and 2 hours long, side of the road stops are common. On the way to Christopher's sister Susie's house about a month and a half ago, Ryann made her first outdoor piddle. By the time we made it to Susie's house, she had to pee again and dropped her drawers on the front lawn.

For the past weeks she has run outside to pee on the lawn. At least we were not having any accidents. And I know mom, she should use the toilet like a human.

Last week she started having accidents. At my mom's last week she peed three times. Friday at the zoo was accident free. But......

On the way home from the zoo, I had to stop at Smith's in Evanston to pick up a prescription. We took a seat on the bench and waited our turn. All of the sudden Ryann yells, "I pooped!" Now we had just barely gone into the bathroom and went potty. As she yells, a special surprise falls on to the bench and she steps on it. Then she is trying to pull her dress off, screeching "I pooooooooped mommy!" Luckily I was right by an end cap of paper towels and Clorox wipes. So I hushed her and scrubbed the bum and the bench. As I was cleaning and convincing Ryann to keep her dress on my cell phone rang. Kendall answered and yells into the phone - "Ryann just pooped all over the store!" Now another customer is standing by the pharmacy staring at my situation. Finally it was our turn to pay for my prescription and we got the heck out of there.

On Saturday we were getting ready for the 'Testicle Festival" in Woodruff. Ryann was out swinging in the tree. As we all came outside to get in the car, Kodiak started munching on a little pile of dodo. We thought is was Tina Wigglebottoms dodo, my dad's tiny dog. As we were discussing how gross it was for Kodiak to eat it, Ryann informed us that it was her poop. Even grosser!

At the festival, we went over to hang out with Christopher while he sat with the ambulance at the rodeo. And again, accidents! Ryann peed her pants! Luckily she was outside of the ambulance. So she had to hang out in her went panties and was forbidden to climb into the rig. We ended up putting a red 'bio hazard' over her butt to get her home. I was a bad mother and forgot to bring a change of clothes.

By the fourth accident on Sunday, Christopher had had enough. All of the accidents have been outside, so minimal cleanup. But after each accident we find Ryann running around naked from the waist down, and not always in the yard.

He sat her down on time out and told her that if she did not go potty in the toilet like a big girl, she would not have a birthday party and turn 3. She was very upset. She told us she was not a 'bad girl' and 'not on time out'.

Well, the threat of no birthday does not work. She had two accidents yesterday and one so far today. When I was cleaning her up yesterday, she told me, "Don't tell daddy. Him said I not have hot dogs!"

**The hot dog thing is because all she wants for her birthday is hot dogs.

At this point I am lost. How can I convince her that she has to go potty in the toilet??


Sherydon said...

Oh Shelly, this is so cute! I know that your frustrated, but i can't help but smile. I was bustin a gut!! I don't have any advice, but i sure think that your a great mother. I love the hot dog comment. She's so cute! Hang in there!!

Ronda said...

I am rolling! You totally completely made my day! I'm so sorry, but that is great!