Friday, June 27, 2008


1- Being a mom!
2- Grown up conversations!

3- Being with my family!

1- Loosing my husband.
2- Loosing a child.
3- Dying before I am a grandma.

1- Be a better member of the church.
2- Be a better friend.
3- Stress less!Current

1- Summer activities for my girls.
2- Counting the letters in peoples names – a new facet of my OCD!
3- Stitching.

Random Surprising Facts
1- I clean my house to the point of ‘ready to vacuum’, but I never vacuum! Let’s say it has gone on long enough!
2- I have many OCD’s.

3- I love sunglasses, but I cannot wear them. They make the spot between my eyes feel all fuzzy.

I will tag my mom. Although it may take her even longer than me to respond.

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Ty & Erin said...

Hey Shelly I found your blog of another!! Just checking it out. Thanks for coaching my daughter in softball, it was fun.