Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June is flying by!

I cannot believe it is the middle of June! What happened?

We have been frozen up here in the North for so long, it is hard to believe it is really June. On June 11th we woke up to snow. Luckily our end of Rich County only had a skiff, Bear Lake had up to 4 inches. I guess that is what happens when it is too cold to snow. We get a dusting, they get covered.

On a few of the warm days, the kids have gotten into all sorts of trouble. We no longer will purchase sidewalk chalk. It is not used on the sidewalk by our artists. When you add water to your piece of chalk, your sister's skin becomes the canvas! At least it was only washable chalk this time. It is usually permanent markers or ink pads. The blue chalk did stain Ryann's skin so she looked like smurfs had slapped her on the back for a few days.
Maybe Ryann will learn to put her clothes on! ---- NO WAY that will happen!

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