Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A few days after the snow, we decided to go camping. We were not going to let a little snow stop us - or the rain that had been pouring down for 7 days straight. So we packed up the truck and headed up the muddy road. Dylann had a panic attack as we slid on the slimy roads. She just knew we were going to go off the road to our demise and no one would ever find us.

We tented it. Not so much fun in the rain, but we are always up for an adventure. So ... the fire would not start. The air mattresses all had holes. Kodiak was fit-to-be-tied, he is not a wilderness dweller. Dylann felt sick and just wanted to sleep. Kendall and Ryann were fascinated with the portapotty. Rylie just knew BIGFOOT was going to leap out of the trees and eat us alive.

At least there were no bugs!

The night was horrible. Good thing I brought a million blankets. We all cuddled up and tried to stay warm. In the middle of the night we were greeted with an ice storm. The tent leaked and all of our blankets were wet.

As soon as we could, Christopher packed us all up and we headed for home. He was not going to stay in the water. Kodiak seconded that idea. He was cuddled up in the back pf the truck as soon as he was allowed.

So much for adventure!

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