Monday, May 26, 2008

Ryann the Nudist!

Ryann made a run for it the other night after her bath. I was trying to get Dylann in the tub and forgot about Ryann for 2 minutes. I finally found her outside, naked, jumping on the trampoline.

She was so happy, freely feeling the wind on her nakedness. How mean was I to stop her? I let her jump for a few minutes. It was dark outside and no cars were passing by. She was doing the silliest tricks and jumps. I decided I needed a picture. But she needed panties on first.

Apparently panties hinder the creative expression of Ryann, so the tricks stopped. She was very angry with me.

Then she looked over to the Northwest and saw a giant dragon blowing fire into the sky. Some of us grown ups would call it a "sunset". But to this almost three year old, it was deffinatly a dragon!



Sherydon said...

Shelly, how cute it that?? Ive been told that Nick never like to have any clothes on either. I think that is when he does his best "thinking"!! I loved that you said that a dragon was breathing fire!! How creative and cute!!

Ronda said...

I love your children. They are seriously the cutest ever!