Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why am I a mom??

Sometimes I take for granted that I am a mom of 4 cute, silly and wild little girls. I have complained of the fighting and crying over nothing, the messes and - the fighting! But I am so blessed to have my girls!

I was watching a show last night with a mom who tried for 7 years to have a baby, finally having a baby boy. I also watched a very touching video of a young couple who lost their baby boy the day before he was due. I am going to be better about appreciating each moment I have with my girls.

I am blessed to have never have had a miscarriage. I did have troubles conceiving Kendall and Ryann. 4 c-sections were not a blast, but it was worth the pain to get my girls. Each baby had troubles when they were born: Rylie having pneumonia and a pneumothorax; Dylann having trouble keeping her body temperature and being as orange as a carrot for weeks; Kendall with worries of baby diabetes due to the fact she was 9 lbs. 5.7 oz. at birth (12 days early); and Ryann pooping in my uterus and breathing it in. But all are healthy and fun and, did I say WILD!

Rylie is so preteen! She just finished 5th grade and will be bussed 30 minutes each way over to middle school in the fall. Scary! She is not so fond of babysitting the others, but gives it a go when money is involved. She is so grown up.

Dylann is a total girl. She worries about everything and everyone. She copies down numbers off of infomercials on how to save the animals. She wants to join the Peace Corps and save the world.

Kendall is a tomboy. She loves to get out and get dirty, play sports and hang with the guys. She is a rockstar and a pirate. She plays the drums and writes songs.

Ryann is a nut! She has more fun getting in to trouble than staying safe. She loves dirt, being naked - outside where everyone can see - and can find a way to make me crazy at every moment! She is very 3.

I would never trade my life of being a mom. I know I take it for granted and don't always remeber the blessings they each are to my life. I cannot imagine my life without them.


Ty & Erin said...

Sometimes I wonder about the mom things too!! I am greatful for my girls too. You girls are cute.

Ronda said...

Shelly, I think you are such a great mom and always so fun!! Your girls are great and you deserve them... :) I wonder which crazy one you took after when you were a kid. Probably all 4! Your poor mom!!! :)

Sherydon said...

Shelly, its the good moms that stop and ask, rather than just going through life with their blinders on thinking their the mother of the year when really they shouldn't have had children at all!! Oh sorry about the bitterness!! But seriously, your a great mom!! You seem so hip and fun!!