Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Vegas Adventures

We spent the week in Vegas! Christopher had a 'Safety Conference' Monday through Wednesday, so the girl's and I tagged along. We stayed at the Tuscany Suites. The room was nice. We had two queen beds, a fold out couch, desk, table and chairs, sink and fridge. And a really big bathroom. Though not nearly enough toilet paper for 5 girls. (We need to invest in Cottonelle - the only toilet paper Christopher will allow to touch his tender bits!)

The only real bad thing was the hotel has only 10 channels. 3 Hotel channels, 1 Pay Per View, 1 'Learn to Gamble' chanel, PBS, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS. And our DVD player would not connect to the TV. So we spent every minute out at the pool. The pool was nice, but there was no fruit awaiting us like in the pictures. Instead there was a bunch of drinking sunbathers. My kids kept asking why people could drink beer at the pool. While floating in the pool, in the hot tub, everywhere. So the girl's and I floated in the water drinking Hi-C Fruit Boxes! We were cool!

Ryann floated away with her water wings on. I received many not so motherly looks from the Granny's at the pool because I just let her run free. I was always right behind her, or one of her sisters were. She has no real fear of the water, so I figure as long as I can keep the wings on her for now, she is a little safe! The other three girls were like fish. Swimming and diving. Kendall is golden now. She is the one kid who tans like her dad. Rylie and Ryann tan pretty well, but poor Dylann is like me - an albino.

Anywho - we did the usual trip to the 'Strip' keeping the kids away from the corner porn pass- outs and dirty posters in the windows. We saw the lions at MGM and had a Coke at the Coke store. Dylann swears the Coke tastes better there!

Chrisotpher only gambled away $15.00. I am not allowed to gamble because I cannot stop! I am addicted to slots.

It was a fun trip. Much needed family time after leaving the girls home while we went to Germany. And now we have had enough family time away and will spend the next weekends cleaning the yard!

And we did not even take one picture of our Vegas Vacation! We are terrible about that!


Sherydon said...

Shelly, that sounds like so much fun right about now. Its been so cold. I love that you mentioned chris's "bits"!! I was laughing so hard!! I love your post and im jealous!! I would love to sit by the pool and drink Hi-C coolers!!! 5 girls?? Holy crap! Your gonna have some fun high school years with pms and boys!!!:)

Ronda said...

Fun fun! I can't believe you go on a family vacation and can't take ONE picture!! :)