Monday, May 26, 2008

Field Trips

School is out for the summer here in the North. Before the end of the year we endured a few field trips. Rylie went to Clark Planetarium while Christopher and I were in Germany. She loved the 3-D movie about Black Holes. Alexa barfed on the school bus on the way to Salt Lake. All the kids sure enjoyed that!

Kendall missed her field trip to the zoo because we were in Vegas, so grandpa and I took her to the zoo the next week. She took a million pictures. Here are a few...

Dylann went to Antelope Island for her 3rd Grade Field trip. Again Grandpa went with us. He is good to tag along on our adventures. We had never been to the Island. It was a smelly drive over the causeway and the gnats were terrible. But the kids all had fun. We saw buffalo (we can see those in Evanston), antelope (see those everyday), bald eagles (again - everyday), and coyotes (see one or two every few weeks here). So we got to see the same old stuff, but in the middle of the Great Salt Lake while being eaten alive by gnats!

It was fun though. And the kids loved it. For lunch we had BBQ Bison Burgers. Never had that before. Dylann loves herself a good hamburger, but not so much the bison! She says it tasted different. I thought it tasted like a BBQ'ed burger.

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