Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby Animals

We took a drive over to Logan to visit the baby animals at the American Heritage Center. We have baby animals near our house, but it was nice to be able to pet the animals in a nice clean environment. Mud is a season in our neck of the woods!

There were piglets, a calf, a baby donkey, bunnies, chicks, turkeys, ducklings, lambs, a mommy goat and her kids, turtles and toads.
Ryann and her crazy hair could not stop squeezing the bunny. Every animal was in danger of being squeezed to death when Ryann had her turn. The toad was the worst. As toads are naturally squishy, Ryann squeezed it like one of those stress balls, nearly popping it's eyes out.

No one was very happy all at one time. Ryann was mad we left the animals to take this picture. Kendall was mad we had to look at the barn. Girls are so moody!

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Ronda said...

Oh!!!! I want to go there! Your daughters are gorgeous! Every single one of them!! I miss you. How is Vegas? Are you burnt yet? You'll never believe it but I layed out in my yard yesterday and got burnt but today it is chilly!! But anyhow! I miss you so hurry home! xoxo