Sunday, April 6, 2008

Germany Pictures

A house door in Rothenburg that has been blessed by the local Priest.

A castle along the way.

We have now been in Germany for 5 days, we think. It has been rainy weather most of the time, but we have had a great time anyway.
Our first night we spent in Straussburg France at a silly little hotel where we had to hike up 40 flights of stairs to our room. Lunch was an adventure with no english spoken in the cafe.

We have since been to Triburg and Friburg, Germany. Stayed a night in Dinklesbuhl and on to Rothenburg for some shopping.

Now after a night at Dave and Teresa's and the evening meal at Winger's on the Army Base, we are off to Bruge, Belgium.


Sherydon said...

HOW FUN!! What are you guys doing in Germany?? Just a vacation?? I love the pics!! I hope you have more to share with us!! Im jealous!! Be safe~!!

Ronda said...

Shelly! I miss you! I about started crying when I saw your message. I was just so happy you had time for me! When you coming home????? I love the castle picture. Are there lots of them? You don't have to tell me, because you can tell me all about it and show me all your pictures!! xoxo