Sunday, July 5, 2009

JYC 2009

Rylie and I went to Junior youth Conference again this year. It is a 4-H program for 5th & 6th graders. It is held in Ephraim at Snow College. 3 days of workshops, games, walking & more WALKING!

We took 15 kids from our County. I drove a car full & participated as a leader. It is a great program. People think that 4-H is all about livestock & horses. A lot of the kids at the conference live in the city and don't do anything with animals.


Day 1 -
*Left Randolph @ 7:15 am
*Got lost and ended up in PRICE! We missed our turn trying to find a gas station to take care of a bloody nose!
*Took a scenic route past Scoffield Res. & watched a giant forest Fire.
*Arrived at JYC 2 hours late :)
* Skits
*Crying 11 & 12 year old who missed their moms
*Talked girls" down from the ledge" so we could sleep!
Day 2 -
*Breakfast @ 8:00 am
* Workshops
* Lunch
* Water games
* Water Fight!
* Workshops
* Dinner
* Dance
* Movie
*More crying 11 & 12 year old who missed their moms!
* Once again talked girls" down from the ledge" so we could sleep! This night we were up until 1:30 am!

Day 3 -
*Tried hard to wake up on time!
* Science experiments!
* Lunch
* HOME!!!!!!!

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aleesha said...

Hello! You were 20 minutes from my house and didn't even call me?! It sounds like you had your hands full though, so you're forgiven.