Sunday, July 5, 2009

ATV Accident

Last Saturday night Topher & I went out for a date night! Every 4 or 5 weeks we get a little time without kids.....

Kendall was allowed to ride on the back of her friend's little 4-wheeler while we were gone. We gave her instructions that she was ONLY ALLOWED TO GO TO her friend's house, then to Aunt Laura's when she was done playing!

In the movie, my phone kept vibrating. I finally gave in and went out into the lobby to see what was going on. I called Kendall back. She answered the phone and started crying!

"Mommy, I wrecked and I am hurt bad!"

I start freaking out! I told her to let me talk to Laura. Laura tells me Kendall has been at her house for 20 minutes and has not cried once or even said anything to her about being hurt! I called my good friend Kim, who is also an EMT, and have her go check out my poor child!

All was well. She said she rolled on the 4-wheeler, her head hit the ground and her helmet popped off. Then her head hit the ground again. She scratched her shoulder, her face and hurt her wrist. No broken bones, no internal bleeding! Just a very, very scared 7 year old!

We then found out that the reason she did not say anything to Aunt Laura was because Rylie told her not to tell. Rylie told Kendall she would get into trouble!

On the way home, I received a phone call from some strange number. It was a very nice man who found a busted up cell phone on the road. It was only able to power on enough for him to find a number for "mom". It was Kendall's phone. She had lost it in the accident. It was smashed!

The evening ended with everyone being grounded from the 4-wheelers! I am so thankful that Kendall was OK, especially after the past few weeks of news stories filled with accidents of kids on their ATV's that did not have happy endings!

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~The Gailey's~ said...

OH MAN, that could have been much worse. Sounds like she is more scared than you could punish her, she'll always rememeb that. I hope she's ok.