Friday, July 24, 2009


Thanks to commercials & the Internet, parents have it tough! I remember the days of 'Shrinky Dink' & 'Easy Bake Oven' commercials, begging my mom for both. Pleading with her, knowing my life would end if I could not bake little cakes by the heat of a light bulb. How could I go on without being able to shrink my drawing of 'Strawberry Shortcake' to the size of a button?

Today, thanks to the Disney Channel, the Wizards of Waverly Place and their shopping page online, my children have found new ways to obsess over fancy new toys! For days, Dylann has been looking at a Magical Wand online. She found a wonderful website:

It is fancy, bedazzled and purple! Everything I know I would look for in a wand! As I listen to her plead with me, let her drag me to the computer, listen to all of the wonderful things she will be able to do with the wand, I have to hide my 'No-Face'! She promises her life will end if she cannot get this very wand. Her magic will be neglected if she cannot practice her spells with a "Real-life Magical Wand"! As I gave my last, "NO, I will not spend $50.00 on a stick!" speech, Dylann runs off, yelling that I am "A LIFE RUINER"! She is never going to speak to me again!

Then came the note:

Sadly, the note did not sway my decision. Instead, after an hour of her hiding from me & a little crying, Dylann and I came to an agreement.

We will head up to the "hills" on Saturday on the 4-wheelers to look for the perfect stick. We will pull out our pocket knives and widdle our own wand. We will paint hers PURPLE, and mine YELLOW. We will raid my junk room for jewels to bedazzle the wand. We will have Grandpa help us make a wonderful wooden box to keep our wands safe while we are not practicing our spells.

This plan was agreed upon. It will save me $50.00. And Dylann will be able to do magic! And what day is not made better by being able to use a pocket knife?


Erin said...

Making the wand sounds really fun!
You probably feel better knowing you are no longer a "life ruiner" :)

Jasmine said...

My kids made wands out of wooden dowels & colored electrical tape. They played with them a few times & then lost interest.

Have to say though, as much as I absolutely hate most of the Disney or Nick shows they watch, I actually like Wizards of Waverly Place. How sad is that?

~The Gailey's~ said...

Shelly, YOU ROCK. What a great idea. I love that your willing to compromise! Post a picture when you've done it ok?

Emily said...

Shelly you are a crack up! I love your posts! What a fun mom you are!It is so fun to see what is going on in your family's life.. after so long. You are a great writer, keep it up! :)