Friday, June 19, 2009

Ryann turns 4!

It's official! My baby is 4!
She had a super fun little birthday party with a few of her closest friends!
Due to the two week down pour we were experiencing, a party at the park turned into a party at Aunt Laura's. I thought it would be easier to have it there, due to the fact that every child at the party is smaller than our dog, Kodiak.
This way, no one had to fight him off for cake eating :)

Ryann was so happy to have all of her friends over. We made homemade ice cream, which was a hit! Ryann's friend Jeremy was most interested on how the whole process worked, and had to have seconds, then thirds when it was all done!
All the kids loved the Buffalo Cake too! They all laughed when they saw it, wondering why Ryann wanted a buffalo for her cake instead of a princess.
There was a break in the rain, so everyone was able to burn off some energy outside. All but one little friend. He hid under my niece's bed the entire party!

The party was on Thursday, and Friday was her actual birthday. So for two days, Ryann walked around saying she was "The Birthday Girl!" and asking for more presents! What a kid!

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