Friday, June 19, 2009

I have my very own 12 year old!

Rylie turned 12 on the 13th.
(The attitude seems to be an automatic gift on the day of the 12th birthday!)
She had a slumber party with a few of her friends. Her class is small, so she has been friends with these same girls since Pre-school.
We made journals and did a little scrap booking.
Then I gave in and let them go out doorbell ditching. Sorry to those whom they harassed!

And now the fun has begun! Apparently, when you turn 12, all of the sudden you hate your parents when they tell you 'NO!". We are "ruining her life!" and "Never listen" to her. It has only been a week, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her dad & I!

She really is such a good girl. Good to her sisters. Good to her friends. Not as sassy as she could be! It is a little strange to me that I have a 12 year old, who in now in Young Women, will go to Girl's Camp without me there,
and wears a bra (sorry mom, I know I am not suppose to talk about that!)

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Mindy said...

Have fun with that. I remember what we were like at 12.