Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goblin Valley Trip

I have been in a little trouble with my kids for not posting our Goblin Valley trip on the blog. We spent Memorial Weekend in Southern Utah with my parents. We stayed at the Super 8 in Green River. Rylie was very upset to find that the pool was "as big as our room! That really sucks mom!" She even sent a text to her friend complaining!

Friday was just a drive day. We got to Price and had a little dinner at JB's and ran into Christopher's sister Tera. That was weird. She lives in Garland! Topher was in the salad bar line and looked up & there she was. Of all the places to run into family!

When we arrived in Green River, it was raining. So we piled into the hotel room and the girls took off to swim - in the tiny pool! It was so NOT fun for them because I forgot their goggles. My girls can only swim with their goggles on. Goggles for my girls are like Dumbo's feather. Without them, they cannot even doggie paddle! Good thing we caught Grandma & she could stop at the dollar store on her way down.

Saturday was my birthday, so I got to pick where we went for the day. I chose to go over to Dead Horse Point. I have always loved the pictures of that area. I wish we could frolicked on the plateau itself, but we politly observed from the observatoin point. It was a neat place. If you
stood on the edge of the plateau, you could see straight down into the Colorado River. I never knew why it was called Dead Horse Point until I read the little park pamphlet. It was a little tragic, cowboys rangling wild horses to the top of the point, fencing them in, picking the best ones and leaving the others there to die.

My girls were on the lookout for old horse bones, until we told them they had to cross the river to actually get to Dead Horse Point.

We then made our way to meet Grandpa & Grandma Russell in Moab. We ate at a great pizza place called 'Zax'. Soooo yummy!

Moab was hosting an Art Fair in the park. We spent a little time and money in the rain. Ryann and her dad watched the belly dancers perform while Dylann & I looked at every single jewelry booth. I bought homemade soap. It smells & feels so good :) My birthday present to myself :)

We spent the remainder of the evening swimming. now that the girls had their goggles, the knowledge of swimming came flooding back to them.

Sunday we made the journey over to Goblin Valley. The whole reason for our vacation. It was so cool. A giant valley full of Goblins! Kendall was a little scared, she imagined real goblins chasing us around!
THe minute we came up on the Valley, my girls all said, "This looks like Galaxy Quest!" We love that movie. They filmed the rock monster scene in Goblin Valley. It had flooded the Goblins the night before, so there were mud puddles everywhere. Ryann took a swim in a few of them. Grandma was the lifeguard.

On the way back to Green River, we took an old road, that was on the map! It was old and grown over, sage brush coming up through the cracks. There was thunder & lightning. Giant hail, huge rain drops. The girls were nervous. Grandpa & Grandma followed behind, hoping we knew the way. When we saw the highway ahead of us, I said "Wouldn't it be funny if there was a fence at the end of the road and we couldn't get to the highway?" And wouldn't you know it, FENCE! We stopped and had a good laugh! Found a dirt road off to the side and continued our adventure! We finally found the Green River Airstrip and a paved road leading to town. My dad happily followed along behind us on our off-road tour of Green River.

It was a very fun weekend. The girls loved being with Grandpa & Grandma! We all shared a hotel room; we reserved a 'suite' that had 3 queen beds. M y parents stayed with us, so the kids would not fight over who got to have all of Grandpa's attention. We put up with his crazy sleeping mask - it is better to listen to the hummmmm of the machine than the SNORING!
We had a lovely herd of elephants above us! They stomped around until after midnight each night and began again before 6:00 am. I did complain to the front desk. I felt a little bad, the manager said it was a family with 3 kids. She also told me that I was like the 5th person to complain about them. They slammed doors all night, jumped around & yelled. I know it is hard to travel with kids, and it was rainy, so it is hard to keep your kids cooped up and not have them go CRAZY!! But it was maddening! Every time my kids yelled, I prayed no one could hear them so I would not get complained on!

Maybe we will make it a yearly Memorial Day trip. There is so much to see down in the area. And I would rather do go in the rain - less likely to see snakes, get sunburns, see SNAKES!

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