Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fossils and Guns!

Last Saturday Grandpa came up for a day of fun in the ..... wind! We took the 4-Wheelers, lunch and guns out for a day of treasure hunting.

Grandpa has a fossil finding kit (a backpack with hammers, a pic-axe, brushes and books) that the girls used for hours on the side of the hill above the Woodruff Reservoir. They had so much fun splitting rocks and searching in the dirt.

Christopher and I took Ryann and Kendall for a ride around the very low water. We found a skeleton of a cow, cow #88 to be exact, the ear tag was on the ground beside it. Ryann just knew it was a buffalo. She is in love with buffaloes. So we gathered up some bones and packed them back to the rest of the group on the 4-Wheeler. Ryann fell asleep on the way back. We hit a sagebrush ans her "buffalo leg" fell out of the bag. She woke right up and cried because her leg was gone. We had to back track to find it.

After lunch, we did a little target practice. It is the first time my girls have shot guns. When I was little my dad took my brother and I out all the time. I have not shot a gun since just after high school. Even with Christopher being a cop we never went out shooting. I did the best with the .22, next to my dad.

Then it was on to a great ride up above the Reservoir. Rylie is a big chicken and wont let us go fast or over bumps. But since she got into trouble before the ride, Ryann got to drive - big mistake for Rylie. Ryann loves to go as fast as the machine will go. She laughs all the way! My kind of girl!

It was a very fun day.


Ronda said...

ok, i love the picture of ryann holding that yucky bone. she seriously kills me! what a cutie!

Anelisa said...

Ryann just cracks me up! I can't imagine many little girls that would hold onto old bones like that. She is definitely a country girl! This story made me remember when my dad sent Rory home with some old cow teeth they had found out in the hills. He told him if he put them under his pillow the tooth fairy would leave him money. I'll never forget finding those old yucky teeth under his pillow and screaming.

Leslie Baird said...

Looks like they all got the hang of it really well and how fun to see your dad! I had to laugh when one of your other friends said that Ryann is definitley a country girl...I'd have to say she is definitley a Russell!