Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just another day!

I came home from work today to find:

I only worked for 3 hours today. I figured Rylie would be OK. She tattooed everyone. The girl's are covered in silly drawings and words. Good thing for washable markers. But if Rylie doesn't stop drawing on them, Ryann will never get a clue!

Also, Ryann was half naked. She had a swimsuit top on and no bottoms, jumping on the trampoline without a care in the world. Life would be so easy if we were 3 years old all of the time!

Dylann was doing tricks with Payton. She has Payton lay on the ground while she swings over the top of her in the tree swing. Payton just laughs and laughs.
There is a down side to the hours of fun with the kids home alone. Ryann bit Payton. This is the third bite for the day. I do not know what to do with Ryann. She and Payton fight, Payton hits and Ryann bites. I put her in time out, to which Ryann laughs at me. Any advice out there? I guess she comes by it naturally. My brother was a biter, he was not allowed in Nursery because he bit the other kids. I have not had a biter before, so I do not know how to stop it.

On a better note, I finally have a flower! I grew it all on my own from a seed. Now those of you outside of Randolph will think that is a silly thing to be proud of. Randolph has a very short growing season. by the time we have our last Spring frost, we get our first Fall frost. This year I planted a million seeds in our front flower garden, and this is the first to bloom. Yeah!


Ronda said...

Ok, so I admit, I laughed out loud when you said you put Ryann in time out and all she does is laugh at you. That kills me. Way to try to be tough though. At least your hubs will be home soon to help you out...
ps I'm impressed- 2 posts in 2 days!!!

Ronda said...

Ok Shelly, I hate to admit this, but it is a time for a new post. I know i know, i need one too but i'm not sad when I log on my own and there isn't a new one, because I already have that feeling that there won't be, but I faithfully check yours thinking you'll surprise me... still waiting!

Ronda said...

Okay Shelly, seriously... July 30th???? You didn't post one thing in August!!!!