Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It has been too long!

Life has taken the fast track for us here in the North! I cannot believe that it is the middle of September. So I will do a fast recap of the latest adventures in the life of the Stapel Family - I know all have been waiting for an update!

August was the annual Russell Family Trip to Island Park. We always have so much fun. The kids play, the adults clean up and we party, party, party. We got up close with a mama moose and her calf. We floated down the Snake River. We rode our ATV's all over the place. We spent a day in Yellowstone, where we saw a crazy dingo. We spent a day in Virginia City, MT. Christopher and I are trying to figure out how we can live up in Island Park all the time. We love it up there.
Once we returned home from Vacation, it was Rich County Fair time. Rylie showed a pen of rabbits and Dylann showed rabbits and a lamb - Lola. She did very well - Reserve Champion in Showmanship. The lamb was a little scrawny, so she was one of the last to sell. But Wal-Mart bought her lamb for $4.50 a pound. Thanks to Wal-Mart of Evanston. Kendall showed a lamb for Clover-Buds and got a pretty ribbon. She also showed our new puppy, Chunky, at the Clover-Bud Parade. (Chunky has been now placed in a new home.)

School started August 25th for the three older girls. Rylie now rides the bus an hour a day to Laketown and back. I hate to think of her on the bus that long, but at least I know where she is!
Ryann and Payton started Preschool. A group of moms put together a fun little school. We each take turns teaching. It is nice for Ryann to go and spend time away from me. She loves being a big girl.

So now it is mid-September and it is getting cold. Winter is here for Randolph. I refuse to turn on the furnace, my children freeze! But they have electric blankets on their beds and I do run the pellet stove. I am not ready for the $350 Questar bills yet. But I am afraid I cannot put it off much longer!


Lisa said...

Okay now why wouldn't you want to pay those $350 Questar bills? Personally, I love Questar. Hahahaha Seriously, though I can't believe that your daughter is going to Junior High. Gosh I remember when you first moved to the area and I was in the RS presidency and we came and visited you and you didn't even have kids yet. They grow up too dang fast don't they?

Sherydon said...

Oh my heck, she's alive!! Ive been checken your blog for days and days waiting and waiting for an update. I love Isalnd Park, Yellowstone and Montana, how fun. I would love to have a ranch there someday, how fun would that be?? I didn't know you had a child old enough for Jr high. Uggh. Worst years of my life!

Ronda said...

Fun fun fun!!! I almost fell off my chair when I clicked on your name and there wasn't a tattood up arm on the first line! :) Hurry up and get to work! It is slow today!!!

Erin said...

Well Shelly it is about time you updated!!! It looks like you have had a good time though.