Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Dylann!

Dylann had her 9th birthday this past Saturday. I cannot believe she is 9! Grandma Stapel sent her a cute card in the mail. Dylann loves to get mail. When she was little we would give her all the junk mail and pretend it was full of wonderful letters just for her. Grandpa and Grandma Russell took her to see Disney's Princess Dreams on Ice. We kept the secret from her until the moment she arrived at the Arena. Dylann is not good with secrets, keeping them or being kept from them. Every morning to get her out of bed for school I had to give her a clue.
When Grandma Russell asked her where she wanted to go for a special birthday dinner before the show, she though long and hard and replied: "Taco Bell". Needless to say, Grandma was not excited. Dylann downed 3 tacos and was ready for her surprise. She had the best night ever.
The next morning she went shopping with her dad and I. She is so much fun. She wore her Princess Crown that Grandma had given her. She was so excited for everything we did. Barnes and Noble was her favorite stop. She finally got her much wanted book, 'Firewing'. After that, her Ipenguin to go with her MP3 player.

It is so fun to watch Dylann. She loves so BIG! She is very thoughtful and helpful, unless it is babysitting. That comes with a fee.

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