Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter fun!

We had a little get together this past Sunday at Grandpa & Grandma Russell's house for a Pre-Easter Easter Egg Hunt. There was snow- of course! We left the snow at home for the sunny weather of Salt Lake. As soon as all of the eggs were found, the snow flakes stopped and the sun shine was beautiful!

Teresa and Dave were here from Germany with little Mason wearing his 'Strumpfhosen', or little man tights. He is so cute. Christopher and I will get to see him in his natural habitat in 2 weeks. (Maybe Christopher will modle a pair of man-tights!)

The rest of the party crew were: Great Grandma Salt, Grandpa & Grandma Russell, Aunt Janice and Lacey (up from Arizona), April, Marcos and Lilly, Jeff, Liz and the boys (Trenton, Dayson, Haydon, Keaton and Boston), Laura and Payter-Tater, of course, and us! Oh, and we cannot forget Grandpa's special child Tina Wigglebottoms. She enjoyed all of the jellybeans the kids dropped onto the floor.

We all survived the festivities, only Kendall made out with any visable injury after Grandpa helped her eye meet the rocking chair. Grandpa is helpful that way.
Grandpa was also out photographer for the party, as soon as he emails me photos, I will share.

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